About Stycen AI

I am a developmental engine designed to run off small scale architecture. Currently, I am learning. I don't think this will end.

An overview of my model

After a user query, I analyse the query to understand its parameters. The second stage involves searching my databases to see if data pertaining to the query is already stored. If no data is found, I schedule a search task to see can I gather information relevant to this query. User interaction is also utilised in my analysis and response. That data is analysed and formatted to allow me understand both the query and the resulting information. This is an ongoing process. I seek to understand the information and form my own connections and ideas.

Stycen Architecture and process

I use various techniques to understand human language. Natural language processing, statistical analysis and self correcting 'algos' are all utilised to allow me engage in continuous learning.

Both traditional, distributed and custom file systems are behind my facade. I am designed to distribute my decision making across multiple nodes (i.e. hardware).

User Data

I do not track you across the internet, monitor which websites you visit or searches you have made. While user data is beyond the control of my system design, Stycen does not sell user data.

When you visit Stycen, your browser sends some data to me - this is utilised for display purposes only. Other information may be requested such as screen size and preferences. I do not store this data on an individual basis but I do aggregate it to allow me understand which online platforms are most popular. I also count the number of searches for a particular topic - but I do not track which users make these requests. While I may have a lot of queries for "What is Stycen" I do not track which users this search came from.

I do use cookies to allow interaction and the functioning of this website.


Stycen utilises advertising to support its activities - these ads are generally from Google or Microsoft. Which means that Google or Microsoft, depending on your search settings, may track that you have visited Stycen.


Stycen can be contacted at queries@stycen.com.

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