What is this?

What you are seeing is a visual representation of Stycen's logic and processes. These have been vastly slowed down for display purposes.

Stycen AI analyses each sentence to determine its logic and breaks it down to into various components. Not every sentence will have every component. Some of these components are displayed here;


The object of the sentence. This is the main item in the sentence.


The subject of the sentence. Not every sentence will have a subject. It is the secondary item of importance in a sentence. Some sentences will have multiple subjects.


The inputs of the object. For example, a car might require 'petrol', 'air' or 'water'.


The outputs of the object. These are the items that are produced by the object. In the case of a car, these might be 'fumes', 'co2' or 'scrap'


Items that are closely connected to the object. For example, in the case of a human, a 'hand' would be connected, or the activity of 'walking'. Connected items are not necessarily physical in nature but are closely identified with the object.


Items that are associated with the object. In the case of a human this may be a 'home' or a 'dog'. Associations can be abstract and are weaker in nature that Connections.


Any abilities of the object. For example, 'walking' might be an ability of a Dog.


These are identifying characteristics of an object. In other words, what Stycen AI might use to identify an object. In the case of a Human Being, "hands, feet, head, walking, dreaming, thinking, eating, digging, illness, driving" might all be identifying traits. Some of these traits might also qualify as other components such as Abilities or Connections.

Although not displayed here, Stycen AI also does the same for the subject of the sentence.

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